Rohan the Intern

Local keyboardist/producer Rohan Seekers’ solo project, Rohan the Intern, made a quiet but assertive debut on WYWS at the end of 2017 with “Blue”, a 40-odd minute collection of dusty sample loops, drawing heavily from soul music and Brazilian sounds. The response to “Blue” and it’s subsequent cassette release has seen Rohan featured on 4ZZZ Radio’s live-to-air performance program Right Here, Right Now and Melbourne-based web series Ride With It, live performances in Melbourne and Brisbane, and an inaugural festival slot at Strawberry Fields.

Rohan’s contribution to GCR’s Lo-fi Tape Series, “Bent Fenders”, provides a snapshot of initial experiments incorporating vocals and live instrumentation into his production, spreading the net of sonic possibilities wider to include the keyboard and composition skills honed on numerous Brisbane stages, and to showcase key collaborators from the local hip-hop and soul music scenes.